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Mandala, literally "circle" in Sanskrit, is a geometric figure symbolising sacred space. It is used in meditation to promote self-awareness, inner peace, and wholeness. 

Logos, literally "word" in Ancient Greek, is a term used in Western philosophy, psychology, and religion. It refers to a principle of order, knowledge, and rational forms of discourse.

Welcome to MandaLogos

Integrating Worlds, Transforming Lives

Embark on a Journey of Integration and Fulfillment: At Mandalogos we champion the profound integration of the intuitive and the rational, bridging the wisdom of the heart with structured insight. Our coaching practice is meticulously designed to guide you towards a life that's not just balanced but deeply fulfilling. Join us to navigate the complexities of modern life without losing sight of what truly matters.


Balancing Act:
HarmoniSing Heart and Mind

In our fast-paced world, crucial moments of introspection—pondering health, purpose, or legacy—are often brief. Daily pressures quickly bury these deeper reflections, limiting our ability to make balanced, long-term decisions. Whether in careers, relationships, or personal growth, we frequently find ourselves swinging between raw emotion and strict logic. This division can create internal dissonance, complicating our quest for a truly fulfilled life. At Mandalogos, we don't just choose between emotion and reason; we merge them to craft well-rounded decisions that resonate with every aspect of your being.


Discover Your Inner Harmony

The name Mandalogos combines the ancient symbol of the mandala—representing wholeness and inner harmony—with logos, the principle of reason and order. This blend encapsulates our coaching philosophy: an open invitation for you to delve into and harmonise the rich tapestry of your inner world. Here, the vibrant intuition of the mandala and the structured clarity of logos come together, fostering a unique exploration of your potential.

PersonaliSed Coaching for Holistic Growth

At Mandalogos superficial challenges are merely the beginning of our journey. Our personalised coaching method is designed to reveal and nurture the unique interplay of forces within you. We create a nurturing space where every facet of your being is recognised and cultivated. Through this comprehensive approach, we unlock your potential for growth, creativity, and resilience, setting the stage for a life that truly aligns with your deepest values and aspirations.


Discover Deep Insights & Tailored Transformation

At Mandalogos we champion self-awareness and bespoke transformation. As the official Insights Distributor in Australia, we utilise the dynamic Insights Discovery tool to delve into your unique psychological profile. This vibrant four-color framework reveals your strengths and growth areas, allowing us to tailor a coaching plan that aligns closely with your personal and professional aspirations. Each session is designed to enrich your journey towards holistic fulfilment, optimising your inherent talents and addressing developmental needs. Experience transformative coaching where personal insights become actionable pathways to growth.

Are you ready to discover?

If you're





Explore Our Signature Coaching Programs 

At Mandalogos we offer a diverse suite of transformative coaching programs, each designed to meet you where you are in your journey of personal and professional development. Whether you seek to enhance your emotional intelligence through cutting-edge technology, balance your life’s ambitions with your deepest values, or rediscover the joy of creativity and flexibility, our programs are tailored to provide profound insights and practical solutions.

.1 AI-Enhanced Emotional Mastery 

Dive into a data-driven exploration of your emotional and relational patterns with the help of artificial intelligence and strategic game theory. Ideal for those who appreciate a structured, analytical approach to personal development.


.2 The Balance Sheet of Life

Align your personal aspirations with the strategic precision of corporate finance principles. This program resonates particularly well with executives and professionals, integrating emotional depth with rational analysis to craft a fulfilling life strategy.

.3 Sandbox Synergies: The Art of Playful Transformation

Embrace the transformative power of play with a program that encourages open-ended exploration and creative expression, ideal for those looking to break free from life’s rigidity and rediscover their adaptive, imaginative selves.


Join us at Mandalogos where each program is a gateway to deeper understanding and enhanced living. Start your transformative journey today and discover the program that best suits your path to growth and fulfillment.

Meet Our Founder

Flavio a. geisshuesler

"At Mandalogos we bridge the ancient and the modern, the emotional and the rational, crafting a path that honors the whole human experience. My vision is to guide each individual towards a life where every decision is infused with both wisdom and strategy."


- Dr. Flavio A. Geisshuesler

CLIENT Reviews

"I had the privilege of participating in the AI-Enhanced Emotional Mastery program at Mandalogos, and it has been a game-changer for me. The use of artificial intelligence to analyze emotional patterns and strategic game theory to improve interpersonal relationships was incredibly insightful. I now have a deeper understanding of my emotional responses and how to navigate them effectively, leading to more harmonious relationships both at work and in my personal life. This program is perfect for anyone looking to combine technology with personal growth."

Alex M., Financial Analyst

Join Our Community

Mandalogos is more than just a coaching practice—it's a vibrant community of seekers, innovators, and visionaries. Whether you're undergoing personal transformation, shifting career paths, or seeking a deeper sense of purpose, we are here to support and journey with you.

Embrace the Path of Integration

Live a life where every decision and every moment is infused with the harmonious essence of Mandalogos.

Begin Your Journey Today

Unlock the synergy of integrating the intuitive with the rational.

Contact us to schedule your first session and start your path to a more fulfilling life with Mandalogos.

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